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The park will serve a general public for all ages, cultural backgrounds and needs with a wide range of features and services.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment | 7-in-1 Jogging Track | Soccer Field | Volleyball Courts | Gymnasium | Playground | Pavilion | Art Features | Waterfall Garden | Free Counseling Center | Movie Nights in Park & Stage | Facility | Rentals Available | King of Glory Bible Panorama in 70 stories with Movie available in 40+ languages | Character Quest Contest $1,000 monthly prizes | Caretaker’s Residence | Celebration Rooms

Victorian Brick Paver

Dedicate a 12″x12″ paver to your business, your family, a friend, loved one, with up to 114 characters or a business logo.

6″ x 12″= $100, limited to 57 letters

 9″x 12″= $200, limited to 86 letters

12″ x 12″= $300, limited to 114 letters


Provide a place for relaxation with an all-weather redwood bench in the Faith Walk Community Fitness Park. Each 6-foot redwood bench includes a built-in commemorative engraving thanking you for your support.

Price: $1,900

Picnic Tables

Provide for family memories with an all-weather redwood picnic table for all to enjoy, adjacent to the Barbecue grills. Each redwood table includes a commemorative engraving thanking you for your support.

5 ft table seats 8:  Price: $3,900

6 ft table seats 12:  Price: $4,900


Sixteen gazebos will line the 1/2 mile perimeter, housing the exercise equipment, a 6 foot redwood flat bench, and the aluminum panels focusing on faith and character. Associate your family, organization, or church with a place of physical and spiritual development for years to come with a gazebo in your honor. Each gazebo features a large engraved commemorative rock thanking you for your support.

Price: $30,000

Movie Nights in the Park & Stage

“Movie Nights in the Park & Stage” features a 40’ wide screen for up to 3,000 people to enjoy on blankets. Includes projection equipment, speakers, underground wiring, stage, and permanent barn housing. A commemorative sign on the stage will thank you for your support.

Price: $150,000

Waterfall Prayer Garden


A grand finale at the final 16th gazebo is the Waterfall Prayer Garden with seating for 128 people that faces three waterfalls, a pond, with two Victorian redwood gazebos. A commemorative sign at the entrance will thank you for your support.

Price: $300,000

Faith Walk Family Training Center

Counseling Center / Celebration Rooms

Provide the meeting rooms for significantly helping families, couples, and individuals with free counseling, as well as rooms that can be used for birthdays, reunions, and celebrations. Signage in the entryway will thank you for your sponsorship.

Price: $150,000



Inspire lifelong learning and recreation in young children with a playground in the heart of Faith Walk Community Fitness Park, named after your legacy. The playground includes the Kingdom Playground, horizontal climbing wall, 2 volleyball courts, swings, as well as a large engraved rock thanking you for your support.

Price: $195,000

Cathedral Pavilion


As a place for entertainment and gatherings among friends and family, a pavilion is a monument for a healthy community. This stunning cathedral-like redwood Pavilion will feature a commemorative sign thanking you for your support.

Price: $275,000

Caretaker's Residence

Help provide quality maintenance and security for the park with the Caretaker’s Residence. A large engraved commemorative rock will thank you for your support.

Price: $390,000

Soccer Field

Help hundreds of people enjoy soccer, ultimate frisbee, or football, on the large soccer field. A large engraved commemorative rock will thank you for your support.

Price: $300,000


Promote fitness and healthy habits for years to come at Faith Walk Community Fitness Park’s main attraction, our state-of-the-art gymnasium. The Gymnasium will feature a commemorative sign thanking you for your support.

Price: $1,500,000