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A need for a multi-use park with facilities that will include space for physical exercise, group sporting activities, public and private events, and free counseling services has been identified for the residents of Kootenai County, as well as the 200,000 plus visitors each year to our area.

A facility and program that promotes healthy lifestyles, excellent character, community engagement, and a place for healing will be essential to the growth and success of our community.

We can meet these needs with the Faith Walk Community Fitness Park, Inc. (FWCFP).

The park will serve a general public for all ages, cultural backgrounds and needs with a wide range of features and services.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment | 7-in-1 Jogging Track | Soccer Field | Volleyball Courts | Gymnasium | Playground | Pavilion | Art Features | Waterfall Garden | Free Counseling Center | Movie Nights in Park | Facility Rentals Available | King of Glory Bible Panorama in 70 stories with Movie available in 50+ languages | Character Quest Contest $1,000 monthly prizes | Caretaker’s Residence | Celebration Rooms

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The goal of the campaign is to raise $4 million for Phase 1. This phase includes all the amenities mentioned in this brochure. The 7-in-1 Jogging Track includes a half-mile asphalt path, a Faith Walk for all people to grow in wisdom and faith; 102 original digital paintings; many character qualities for success in life; a multimedia video experience; and 15 commercial-grade family-style exercise stations. Free to the public are the 7-in-1 jogging path, pavilion, large waterfall garden, playground, and soccer field. All of these features as well as the gymnasium, Movie Nights in the Park, and Celebration Rooms can be rented for private events, except the playground and 7-in-1 Jogging Track which are always open to the public.

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The Faith Walk Community Fitness Park, Inc. exists to foster excellence in character by building
the body, mind, and spirit through inspirational education, physical exercise, and
community engagement.